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The Grounds Has Transformed Into A ‘Mary Poppins’-Inspired Wonderland

The Grounds Has Transformed Into A ‘Mary Poppins’-Inspired Wonderland

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Growing up, how many of us desperately wanted to visit Cherry Tree Lane, the modest London street where the Banks live in Mary Poppins?

Despite the Banks’ abode being little more than a soberly decorated four-bedroom house (albeit the kind that it is literally impossible to afford nowadays, given Australia‘s bonkers housing market), Cherry Tree Lane exploded in our imaginations, becoming a place of music, and laughter, and light, and impossible things.


Of course, Cherry Tree Lane is a pure invention, plucked from the mind of the creator of Mary Poppins, PL Travers.

But, as Poppins herself taught us, every now and then miraculous things can happen. And guess what: for a limited time, the Grounds in Sydney’s Alexandria is transforming into a miniature Cherry Tree Lane replica to celebrate the release of Mary Poppins Returns.

Yes, that’s right, the hustling Grounds, home to a restaurant, stalls, and Kevin Bacon the pig, has been given a complete makeover as part of a partnership with Disney.

The stone hideaway has been totally transformed. Cherry blossom trees now line the alleys of the Grounds, giving the whole venue a magical, lost-in-time vibe. Get ready to slip away into the blossom-covered nooks and crannies of the Grounds for hours; you’ll never want to leave.


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Adding to that all-important authentic London feel are a string of retro street lamps that you can hum, tap, and dance your way under, dreaming that you’re being soothed by the dulcet tones of Dick Van Dyke’s cockney accent.

The Grounds have also launched a special, limited-edition cake inspired by Mary Poppins. Visitors will be able to chow down into a lemon zest sponge, decorated with cream cheese, and a cherry puree, all topped off with a kite that would make Mary Poppins herself proud.


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But be warned: the Mary Poppins pop-up at The Grounds of Alexandria will only last till Sunday February 3, so get in quick.

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(Lead image: Mary Poppins Returns / Disney)

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