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Google Assistant Can Now Help You Plan Your Whole Holiday

Google Assistant Can Now Help You Plan Your Whole Holiday

Google Assistant is here to make travelling easier

Everybody loves travelling. What people tend to love a little less, mind you, is getting organised to go travelling.

Sure, getting yourself together for a trip isn’t exactly hard. It’s just occasionally a little annoying, the kind of nuisance most of us could do without.

The ole techheads at Google know that all too well. That’s why they’ve unveiled a bunch of new features for the Google Assistant designed to take the trouble out of all that work you’ve got to do before your dream trip abroad even starts.


That’s right, rather than having to spend hours trawling the internet for flights, accommodation, and tourist hotspots, you can now lie back and let your Google Assistant do most of the work.

The new features, which were unveiled earlier this month at Las VegasConsumer Electronics Show, mostly revolve around the planning stages of travelling. For instance, you can now ask Google Assistant to check for you whether a specific hotel has any availabilities on certain dates.

Americans will also be able to ask Google Assistant to book them into their flight. That feature hasn’t expanded out to Australian Assistants yet, but one can imagine it won’t be long till it does.

But the most high-tech update of them all revolves around that other travelling hurdle – speaking the local lingo.

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Abel Tasman, New Zealand

Yep, that’s right, like something out of a goshdarn sci-fi movie, the Assistant will soon be rolling out a new feature known as Interpreter Mode.

This mode can either be used to brush up on some key phrases before you hop on your flight, or as an on-ground interpreter: it’ll be able to translate over 25 dialects in real-time, taking the stress out of making your way around an unfamiliar country.

So, what do you think? Sometimes it does seem like we’re living in the future, hey.

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(Lead Image: John Tekeridis / Pexels)

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