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Coles Has Announced A Giant Ferrero Rocher Pudding, So Now I Believe In Chrissy Miracles

Coles Has Announced A Giant Ferrero Rocher Pudding, So Now I Believe In Chrissy Miracles

Not long ago, Aldi released news of its giant frozen Ferrero Rocher-esque pudding, which was basically a huge tease because they wouldn’t even confirm if they’d be selling it in Aussie stores. Well, screw them (sorry Aldi, I still love you) because Coles has announced it’s own version, and I’m going to need 20.

Let’s be honest, to everyone under the age of 70, traditional Chrissy puddings are gross. Raisins had their hey day, and that day is long gone. Give it up for some chocolatey goodness.

To be honest, I eat about 1000 Ferrero Rochers every Christmas anyway, so may as well stick it all into one giant ball and call it a proper dessert.

Just like the second best chocolates ever made (if anyone makes a Raffaello pudding I might die from happiness), the Coles pudding features a brownie base with a hazelnut mousse centre, all covered in Belgian chocolate and hazelnuts. Each pudding serves 10 and will set you back $28. That’s a yes from me.

“It’s basically like an enormous Ferrero Rocher in chilled dessert form,” Coles Christmas ambassador Courtney Roulston told Also can we just take a moment to appreciate the job title of ‘Christmas ambassador’ — living the dream, I say.

The pudding is part of a huge 275 new Christmas-themed products hitting shelves later this month. The range will have plenty of desserts (obviously) like this pudding, a Passionfruit and White Chocolate Mousse Dessert and a DIY Rudolph macaron kit, which is obviously adorable.

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It’ll also have all your savoury needs covered, like Tasmanian salmon roast stuffed with feta, spinach, leek and lemon, traditional turkeys and hams, and classy finger food like chorizo pigs in blankets and Christmas sausage rolls stuffed with beef, ham, cranberries and spices.

Let’s just say, 2020 suddenly isn’t looking ALL bad.

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