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Melbourne’s Famous Lune Croissants Is Officially Opening A New Store In Sydney

Melbourne’s Famous Lune Croissants Is Officially Opening A New Store In Sydney

Lune Croissanterie Might Be Opening A New Bakery In Sydney

It’s extremely un-yee haw that the best croissants in Australia are only available in Melbourne. Until now, because cult bakery Lune Croissanterie is officially opening a shop in Sydney.

Melbourne’s cult bakery is really out here making the best croissants outside of France, and word on the street has been that Lune recently secured some real estate in Sydney.

But now Lune’s founder, Kate Reid, has confirmed the news. We’re officially on the hype train, and it’s rolling into Carb City, aka Sydney.


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“I can tell you that we are currently looking at a few sites, which means that yes, there is a Lune Sydney firmly on the cards,” she told Broadsheet.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to try a croissant from Lune yet, all you need to know is that the light, buttery pastries have been featured on MasterChef and people line up around the block to get their hands on one.

The bakery is also known to collaborate with local chocolate shops come Easter, a holiday that is, famously, rapidly approaching. Fingers crossed the new store opens in time for Sydneysiders to get a tasty holiday treat.

That’s not the only Melbourne icon with its sights on Sydney, though. Good Food also reports that D.O.C is bringing its incredible pizza to Surry Hills later this month. The pizzeria’s known for its lightweight dough and a wicked black and white truffle pizza.

While we wait for Lune Croissanterie to open in Sydney, why not check out the city’s mochi doughnut or its outer-space themed cake?

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