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Cult Fave Croissanterie ‘Lune’ Is Opening Up A New Store In Brissy, So Here’s To 2021

Cult Fave Croissanterie ‘Lune’ Is Opening Up A New Store In Brissy, So Here’s To 2021

There are few simple pleasure in this life better than a really good croissant. Personally, I don’t think they should only be save for brekkie, to me they’re an anytime food.

As all French pastry fans know, croissants don’t get much better than those at Melbourne‘s cult favourite croissanterie, Lune.

Earlier in 2020 it was announced that a Sydney-based Lune was on the way — however, that was in February before ~all this~ happened and the open date has been somewhat pushed back — but now Brisbane has also been graced with the very good news.

Set to open in winter next year (2021), the new flagship store will open in South Brissy. Unlike the Sydney announcement, this time they officially have a location and even shared photo of the construction to Instagram.


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A post shared by Lune Croissanterie (@lunecroissant)

“You may have heard whispers of Lune launching north of the border…” said the post. “We’ve been dying to officially talk about it, but we wanted to make sure the lease was signed and it was a done deal before announcing it”.

“So, without further ado, we are incredibly excited to announce that in Winter 2021 Lune will be opening a flagship… Brisbane – your vibe is amazing!! The food and beverage scene is absolutely going off up there, and we cannot wait to bring Lune to you!!”

It’s not just Aussies being biased when we say Lune croissants are literally the best in the world (sorry France) — and, let’s face it, the most creative. Reviews from all over the world also sing their praises, including The New York Times who literally titled their review “Is the World’s Best Croissant Made in Australia?”, the answer of course, being yes.

Personally, I’m taking this as proof that 2021 will be better.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @lunecroissant)

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