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The ‘Tacro’ Is The World’s Newest Croissant Mash-Up

The ‘Tacro’ Is The World’s Newest Croissant Mash-Up


We humans have the tendency to take perfectly good foods and mess with them in hopes of creating something truly magnificent. Sometimes it works, as in the cases of coffee donuts and charcoal and coconut desserts. But other times, like when soy sauce ice cream made it’s debut, not so much.

The latest hybrid food creation comes straight out of San Francisco’s Vive La Tarte. It sees Mexican and French cuisine united to create something that, if we’re being honest, looks totally bomb – a savoury mash-up of a croissant and taco.

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Dubbed the “tacro”, this flaky little number consists of a folded croissant shell and savoury fillings like slow-roasted pulled-pork with pineapple, chicken with avocado and barbecued jackfruit and mango salsa.

Every tacro is finished with sliced radishes, chopped pickled onions, and fresh coriander, and is served with a lime wedge and house salsa.

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The tacro is the brainchild of Vive La Tart Bakery owners Arnaud Goethals and Julie Vandermeersch. They wanted to create something fresh and unique to celebrate the launch of their second San Fran location.

And it’s been an absolute hit. The duo knew they were onto a winner when all 100 tacros sold out in less than two hours on the bakery’s first day of business, and the trend isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.

More seasonal fillings are reportedly on the way, as well as a breakfast tacro. The best way to keep posted on what’s happening is to follow the bakery on Instagram for updates.


How To Get There

  • Fly into San Francisco International Airport
  • Take the KX 2041008 towards San Francisco to Mission and 8th Streets
  • Walk 300m
  • Vive La Tarte, 1160 Howard Street, San Francisco

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(Lead image: Vive La Tarte)

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