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This Map Shows You The Wifi Passwords For Nearby Hotspots Around The World

This Map Shows You The Wifi Passwords For Nearby Hotspots Around The World

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Being without wifi when you’re travelling is literally one of the worst things in the world. There, we said it. Your best option is to hop between free wifi networks but, unfortunately, finding the passwords for these networks can be a whole big deal. Enter WiFi Map, an interactive map that just gives you the passwords for all of the nearby free wifi connections.

No more harassing the cafe staff for the wifi password! WiFi Map is a crowdsourced hotspot finder that pinpoints the locations of all of the free wifi networks in a city and provides you with the password at the click of a button. Check the map, find a nearby wifi network, and use the password saved in the map to connect.

When one happy traveller hunts down a password, they can add it to the map so that future travellers can see where free wifi is and connect without hassle. Some businesses also add their passwords because they love their customers.

Two screens from the Wifi Map app, which shows you the passwords for free WiFi hotspots around the world

Users have already mapped out major cities around the world. Travellers to New York, Hong Kong and Paris, just to name a few, will have a much easier time getting around during their holiday.

It’s got over 100 million (100 MILLION) free hotspots listed across more than 200 countries. One more time: 100 million free wifi hotspots to help you find a cute lunch spot, catch up with friends and family back home and get your daily dose of puppers.

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And the best part about WiFi Map is that it’s completely free. It’s available as an app for iOS and Android, or in a browser that works similarly to Google Maps. And yes, you can use the WiFi Map app without being connected to the internet already. We love a free travel app!

This article was originally posted on March 28th, 2019 and has since been updated.

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