London Restaurant Serves 21 Types Of Lasagna; We Can Die Happy

Have you ever felt a spiritual connection to Garfield the cat? Is it because you also kinda hate Mondays? Or is it because have a distinct passion and desire to bury your face into as many lasagnas as you can get your hands on? Well, you’re not alone, and there’s now a restaurant in London has finally opened to accommodate you.

It’s called Mister Lasagna and they serve up 21 different types of lasagna every day.

The menu is packed with anything from your classic bolognese to mushroom lasagna, veggie lasagna and even a four cheese lasagna. Four cheeses? On top of the béchamel? Oh my.

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Mister Lasagna even venture into the “unique lasagna” territory as well. Smoked salmon lasagna, mashed potato and egg lasagna, artichoke lasagna, and even a tuna, capers and olives stuffed lasagna all feature on the menu.

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So many lasagnas, so little time.

Mister Lasagna is located on Rupert Street in London’s Soho District.

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