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London Has A New Bar That Is Just A Giant Ball Pit

London Has A New Bar That Is Just A Giant Ball Pit

Some of the ways that being a grown-up sucks: Office jobs. Taxes. Having to exercise – like, a lot – to maintain your health/ideal bod. Two day hangovers. Want me to keep going? I can.

It’s no wonder that there seems to be a global trend towards adults revisiting their younger days, when worries were less and cares were free. That could explain the world-wide resurgence of ball pits, but for grown ups. First, San Francisco did it. Then New York followed suit. Soon, Sydney will be home to the largest ball pit in the southern hemisphere. And now London is getting in on the fun and games.

Ballie Ballerson Stacey Hatfield October 2016
Photo: BallieBallerson

Welcome to BallieBallerson, a new bar in London’s Dalston area. The bar is spread over two floors; the upper level is a bar and cafe, serving retro-themed cocktails, craft beer and bar snacks. The lower level is –you guessed it – a gigantic ball pit for grown ups. The pit has over 220,000 colourful plastic balls, including a bag of elusive yellow balls that earn prizes for whoever is lucky enough to find them in the mix.

Ballie Ballerson drinks photos Stacey Hatfield October 2016
Photo: BallieBallerson

Also on hand is a ball-cleaning machine, for those concerned with hygiene, along with a DJ to turn the mood up to 11. The bar has just opened, and is set to run from Thursdays to Saturdays until next month. Entry to the bar is free, but access to the ball pit will set you back £5. Advance ticket purchase is strongly advised, even for the free events.

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Find BallieBallerson at 79 Stoke Newington Road, London.

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