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So, It Turns Out New Zealanders Are Exploring The US Way Better Than Aussies

So, It Turns Out New Zealanders Are Exploring The US Way Better Than Aussies

Look, let’s face it: New Zealand is kind of kicking Australia’s behind right now on the travel front. Remember when it was named the world’s favourite country in a huge travel poll? Or when it placed higher than Australia on a list ranking the best adventure travel destinations on the planet? Well, it turns out NZ citizens are more adventurous travellers than Australians, too. NZ really is becoming our Canada.

Trivago has analysed consumer search trends among Aussies and Kiwis from January 2015. The hotel search engine found that Antipodeans in general have shifted their intrigue away from the vast continent and cobblestoned streets of Europe, and are increasingly fascinated by and intent on exploring the Unites States.


Trivago collected the data by analysing hotel searches, and it sheds a light on the differences between two nations. Interestingly, the top 30 destination searches made by Australians and New Zealanders over the past two years differ significantly.

Australian searches tend to favour tourism stalwarts like New York City, Vegas, Honolulu, LA and San Francisco. While Kiwis also showed a general interest in these classic locales, there are a heap of cities within the US that NZ residents are researching that aren’t even on the radar for most Australians.

So where are these new hot-spots that Kiwis are going nuts for? Check out the list below:

#1 Salt Lake City, Utah
#2 Kissimmee, Florida
#3 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
#4 Montgomery, Alabama
#5 Santa Barbara, California
#6 Portland, Oregon
#7 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
#8 Houston, Texas
#9 Anchorage, Alaska
#10 Denver, Colorado

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So really, what this data is telling us is that New Zealanders are far more attracted to the oft-forgotten sister-cities of the bigger, bolder ones. Takes one to know one, so we guess that checks out. But we reckon it might be time for Aussie travellers to spread their wings a little more, too.

(Lead image: Santa Barbara/Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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