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Lindt Revealed The World’s Largest Choccy Fountain Inside Their New Record-Breaking Museum

Lindt Revealed The World’s Largest Choccy Fountain Inside Their New Record-Breaking Museum

If Lindt aren’t your favourite chocolate makers, then they should be. So you’ll be pleased to know they’ve just opened the world’s largest chocolate museum in Zurich, complete with the world’s largest chocolate fountain, just like Willy Wonka.

Now, you might be wondering what you would even find in a chocolate museum, and you’d be right to. Ancient cocoa beans? Chocolate bars that touched the lips of famous people? A wild boat ride with dizzying lights?

Me, in the world’s largest chocolate fountain.

The answer to all of those would be no. The interactive museum apparently walks punters through “seven chocolate worlds”, which seems to actually just mean they demonstrate the journey of the cocoa bean from harvest to being devoured as sweet, sweet chocolate. In particular, the journey of Swiss chocolate making, including Lindt and their famous predecessors.

So like, that part is kind of meh, but then we get into the good stuff. Like being able to create your own chocolate flavour, and tasting pralines. It also houses the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop.

Oh and, remember the giant chocolate fountain? Biggest in the world, guys, biggest in the world. It stands at 30 foot tall, which is just over nine metres, beating the now second-tallest by a few feet — no word if it’s larger than Wonka’s choccie lake.

If you need a little visualisation of what this giant museum looks like, please enjoy the walk-through video below.

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Basically, the place is a damn dream.

Really, the only thing that could be better is if it started raining Lindt. Oh, wait, that totally happened too, just a few moons ago. No joke, the Lindt factory (also in Zurich) had a slight malfunction and dusted the nearby town in chocolate powder. Actually the best thing that’s ever happened. Ever.

(All Images: Lindt)

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