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How To Turn 19 Days Of Annual Leave Into 48 Days Of Travel In 2021

How To Turn 19 Days Of Annual Leave Into 48 Days Of Travel In 2021

All of us who rely on annual leave to do our travelling know how important any hack is that can help us make the most of what we have. That sentiment is times about 1000 in 2021, considering many of us were forced to waste our annual leave this year thanks to The Rona.

Not to mention that, at an average work year of 1,712 hours, Australia is among the top 20 hardest-working countries in the world.

To help you make up for all the travel you missed in 2020, Instant Offices made a handy plan using regular and long weekends, plus national holidays, to more than double your time off.

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December/ January: New Years

Turn three days into 10.

If you book leave from December 29 to December 30, in reality you’ll have 10 days from Christmas until January 3 to play with. It’s safe to say you’ll need to make it a domestic trip at this point, and seeing as it’s high summer why not head over to Tasmania. The best food, unbeatable walking tracks, plenty of wombats. Perfection.

January: Australia Day

Turn four days into nine.

Take annual leave on January 25 then January 27 to 29 and you’re actually getting January 23 to 31 off. With nine days to play with, why not head over to Western Australia and explore all the pink lakes and wine regions it has to offer.

Or, you know, someone could finally do the right thing and change the date.

April: Easter

Turn four days into 10.

With the Easter public holidays making a four-day weekend, you can book leave from April 6 to 9 and end up with 10 days from April 2 to 11 to travel in. To me, Easter screams for relaxing scenery and amazing food and wine, so South Australia just makes sense.

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April/ May: Anzac Day

Turn four days into nine.

Book in your vacay from April 27 to 30 and you’ll actually have from April 24 until May 2 to travel in. Personally, at this point I’d be chasing the sun up in Queensland. Maybe road trip from Cairns to the Daintree or just chill on the beach. Hell, I might even grab a few friends and hire a whole island.

December/January 2022: Christmas

Turn four days into 10.

We’re coming full circle back to the Christmas and New Years break leading into 2022. Once again, taking annual leave from December 29 to 31 will give you a full 10 days of travel time. You honestly can’t go wrong with how you choose to spend it. Maybe exploring New South Wales? Or getting out of the city and exploring the natural beauty of Victoria?

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