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This Lamington Burger Is A Disgusting Mess And I Want It Now

This Lamington Burger Is A Disgusting Mess And I Want It Now

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We all know the tale of Icarus, the Greek legend in which a boy flies too close to the sun on wings made of feathers and wax. The wax melts and he falls to his death, his lofty ambitious instead causing his own end. Australia now has its own modern-day culinary Icarus in the form of a burger shop — only we’re not sure just how close they’re flying to the sun, or how strong the wax holding their wings together is. Meet the Lamington Burger.


Announced by burger joint Chuck Wagon 175 in Adelaide, the Lamington Burger consists of “double beef, double bacon, double cheese between two Aussie lamingtons!”

Take a look for yourself:


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Yes, it looks like the undead in cake/burger form. It looks like the Mummy while he’s still “juicy”, from The Mummy (the good one, from 1999). But there’s something about this burger that’s strangely… tantalising. Like if I just forsake all my morals and make a deal with the devil, I’ll be able to enjoy this monstrosity/delicacy.

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The image announcing the special burger, which is available on Sunday January 26, has had an equally mixed reception on Instagram, with many “keen as” to try the burger, and some saying simply, “No”.


Look, we’re not saying it will be bad. After all, sweet and salty or savoury foods can make a killer combination – just look at maple and bacon, peanuts and sugar, salt and caramel. What we’re saying is that this is an ambitious creation, and it’s a lot. And we truly hope it’s good! Let’s just hope that Chuck Wagon 175 hasn’t flown too close to the sun with their zombie-lamington-beef-bacon-burger creation.

(Lead image: Chuck Wagon 175 / Instagram)

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