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Krispy Kreme Is Opening A Massive Doughnut Store That’s Gonna Be Open 24/7

Krispy Kreme Is Opening A Massive Doughnut Store That’s Gonna Be Open 24/7

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Doughnuts – is there anything they can’t do? A food so good we gave it its own National Day, these fried dough boys are finally being honoured with a massive store that’ll be open and serving 24/7. Krispy Kreme are behind this wonder of the world, and it’s opening in Times Square in New York in 2020.


The Krispy Kreme flagship store will have a constant supply of fresh doughnuts, but it also has some wild plans to make it a fully immersive experience. If this means I can eat a doughnut from inside a doughnut-shaped booth, I am 👏  here 👏 for 👏 it.

It’ll have the world’s largest “Hot Light” sign (a giant neon sign that tells people when there are fresh doughnuts available inside, which will be always), fancy indoor seating so you can eat your sugary sweets in style, and views of the doughnuts being made and decorated in a specially-made doughnut glaze waterfall that I’d very much like to stand beneath.

There’ll even be a walk-up window to collect your sugar hit when you’re in a rush. This could get dangerous.


The Krispy Kreme flagship store will be just under 420-square-metres large, and will look like a doughnut box meets an iconic Times Square billboard on the outside. If you’re hitting up Broadway or just exploring NYC, it should be easy to follow the sights and the smell of freshly-baked doughnuts to find this dessert haven for yourself.

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But New York isn’t all about doughnuts and Broadway. Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski has a restaurant here, there are plenty of things to see just outside the city, and, believe it or not, it beats out Paris for the world’s most romantic city.

If you’re not planning a New York holiday any time soon, why not check out some of Australia’s best doughnuts? The National Doughnut Day deals may be over, but the goods are as sweet as ever.

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(Lead image: Krispy Kreme)

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