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A Brand-New Kind Of Doughnut Has Hit Sydney — Here’s How You Can Eat It

A Brand-New Kind Of Doughnut Has Hit Sydney — Here’s How You Can Eat It

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We 👏 stan 👏 doughnuts, so when we heard about the new doughnut hybrid creation that’s hit the streets of Sydney, we needed a minute to process the information. Very loud circus music started playing in my head. The geniuses at Demochi Donut have managed to fuse a doughnut with mochi, that delectable Japanese rice cake.

Demochi Donut has just opened, serving from a stand set up outside the Banksia Hotel every Friday and Saturday evening.


In a feat that defies all laws of physics, nature and cooking, the desserts combine the airy, crispy parts of a doughnut with the chewy texture of mochi. It’s deep fried mochi. It’s beautiful.


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Demochi Donut’s menu is simple: You can get the signature honey-glazed mochi doughnut or the weekly special. Expect classic flavours like green tea, chocolate, strawberry and hundreds and thousands, but also doughnuts frosted with cereal milk and topped with Froot Loops.


The recipe was in the making for years, taking that long to Goldilocks it to perfection.

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“The biggest challenge was trying to get the mochi-to-doughnut ratio right,” owner Dennis Chan told Broadsheet Sydney. “You don’t want it so chewy it’s like bubble gum. You want there to be distinction between a doughnut and the slight chew you get from a mochi.”

While you’re there, you can grab some fried chicken from the Dirty Bird food truck next door – they’re owned and operated by the same people. Lunch is served, and you’re getting hot wings, Southern fried chicken burgers and mochi doughnuts. Every group on the food pyramid!

If you can’t get to Banksia, Demochi Donut has plans to expand further into Sydney in the future. We’re out here with our fingers crossed and covered in doughnut frosting.

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(Lead image: Demochi Donut / Facebook)

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