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Kmart Is Selling Silk Pillowcases For Just $29 So You Can Finally Afford To Be Luxe

Kmart Is Selling Silk Pillowcases For Just $29 So You Can Finally Afford To Be Luxe

Anyone who’s even dipped a toe in the beauty world will be fully aware that silk pillowcases are a highly coveted item. They’re also not cheap, usually starting at around $50 and heading up to $100.

Not any more.

Kmart, the royalty of wanting to have nice things but not necessarily being able to afford the top end stuff, have announced they’ll be bringing in a silk pillowcase to fit any regular bed pillow for a very reasonable $29. It appears to only be coming in silver, which is close enough to white so whatever, that will do.

Image: Kmart

Why should you want one?

Ok, so all the beauty bloggers froth over silk pillowcases, but why? I know it seems a bit gimmicky, but actually silk has a lot of benefits. From reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helping your skin retain its moisture, to being naturally hypo-allergenic so you avoid any skin irritations, to being gentle on your hair so you avoid bed head and split ends.

Before you say it, yes I know silk takes a little more effort to care for than just chucking it in the washing machine, but I promise it’s not actually that hard. Just a quick little hand wash in cold water and you’re laughing. See, just look how happy it makes those beauty bloggers:

The pillowcase is currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’, so personally I’ve added it to my wish list. If you don’t want to do that, I’d just keep popping back to the website to see when it goes live. Remember the weighted blanket? How fast it sold out? So better keep a close eye on this bad boi.

While you’re there, try your very hardest not to completely re-do your entire house with all the Kmart homewares. Honestly, I won’t even let myself walk i there to look anymore.

(Lead Image: Pexels / Burst)

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