A New Limited Edition Spicy Tim Tam Hits Shelves Today So Run, Don’t Walk

While we have a tough time convincing non-Australians about the brilliance of Vegemite or Fairy Bread, it’s a fact universally acknowledged that a Tim Tam just can’t be beat.

For those of you who enjoy a little heat with their chocolate, then it’s time to get bloody excited because Arnott’s just announced that Dark Choc Chilli Tim Tam biscuits will be hitting shelves at your local Woolworths store from today, going for a recommended retail price of $3.65 — which seems like a weird number to me, but we’ll go with it.


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What actually is it? According to Arnott’s description, the new Tim Tam features “two crunchy dark choc biscuits sandwiched together with a rich chocolate and chilli flavoured cream, covered in famous Tim Tam dark chocolate”. I mean, it hardly sounds bad, does it.

“Aussies love Tim Tam biscuits and although they cherish the classics, they always get fired up for indulgent, new flavours, said Matt Grant, Tim Tam Marketing Manager, in a statement.

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“To bring Dark Choc Chilli to life, we have been expertly crafting with our Master Bakers, the perfect combination of a heat sensation and our decadent, rich dark choc. A hot Tim Tam experience like no other… what more could you wish for?”

Nobody panic, but they’re only available for a limited time, so it’s about time for a grocery shop, I’d say.

(Lead Image: Provided / Arnott’s Biscuits)

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