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Please Watch This Very Good Boy In Colombia Home-Deliver Groceries To Customers

Please Watch This Very Good Boy In Colombia Home-Deliver Groceries To Customers

I have a confession: I am not a person who goes gaga over pets. I’ve learned to fake it, of course, and I’m very happy to have them around, but I don’t melt into a puddle every time a dog walks by.  In fact I’m low-key judging everyone who does — sorry/ not sorry.

This Chocolate Labrador in Colombia however, is absolutely an exception to my usual rule. Eight-year-old Eros — the fluffiest employee at El Porvenir mini-market in Medellin — makes his way through the city several times a day, shopping basket in mouth, delivering groceries to customers who are stuck at home thanks to that whole global pandemic thing.

“He helps us to maintain social distancing,” said Eros’s owner Maria Natividad Botero. “And people love it when we send the dog.”

I’ll bet they bloody do. Look at him on his little journey:

If, like I was, you were wondering how he knew where to go (especially when I personally get lost just trying to walk down to my local Woolies — I wish I was exaggerating) it seems he had a lot of pre-COVID practice.

When Eros’ family-owned mini market first started up four years ago, he would accompany his humans on their deliveries. Now, with a bit of training, he remembers where to find those customers who gave him treats on route, as well as their names.

“He knows the names of five or six of our customers,” Botero explained. “So I send the merchandise with a receipt in the basket, and my customers pay me through a bank transfer”.

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So maybe instead of having a whinge about my bad sense of direction always making me late, my friends and family should just give me more treats so I remember their homes better. I hope they’re reading this, and now realise they’re wrong.

But anyway, the point is this dog is smarter than most humans I know, and I would die for him, which is very out of character for me.

(Lead Image: Ruptly)

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