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Paddle Board With Corgis And Try Honey Bee Therapy With Airbnb Animal Experiences

Paddle Board With Corgis And Try Honey Bee Therapy With Airbnb Animal Experiences

Airbnb Animal Experiences Is Your Ticket To Ethical Adventures With Dogs

Every person except Greta Thunberg and Henry Cavill are the worst, and animals are the only thing saving this cursed world. So thank god for Airbnb Animal Experiences, a whole heap of brand new adventures you can book if you want to paddle board with a corgi or hang out in a donkey sanctuary.

Airbnb’s Animal Experiences have been designed to help people better understand and care for animals, all while going on unforgettable adventures with them.


You can paddle down canals in Miami with Mr. Beaches the corgi. You can sit down for tea with naughty sheep in a Scottish garden, and even help rescue puppies inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.


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At launch, there are 1,000 Animal Experiences all over the world — everything from adventuring with pups to relaxing with cows and making new friends thanks to a horse-friendship coach in New Zealand.


Airbnb teamed up with World Animal Protection, an organisation that fights to give animals a better life, to make sure all the animals involved in the experiences are looked after. It makes Airbnb the first major booking platform to offer a dedicated category of animal experiences that focus on progressive welfare policy.

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You’ll never overwork an animal, kiss a dolphin or ride an elephant — instead, you’ll learn from caring experts and contribute positively to the animals’ wellbeing, by playing with rescue horses or taking rescue dogs out for a beach day.

“At Airbnb, we envision a world where everyone can belong anywhere. Today, we extend our passion for belonging beyond humankind, committing to protect the welfare of animals across any Experience that features them,” Airbnb said in a press release.

You can book the Airbnb Animal Experiences now. There are even some in Australia if you’re looking for a weekend getaway with a difference, like going on a walking tour with a wombat in Kangaroo Valley.

(Lead image: Muhannad Alatawi / Pexels)

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