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Jurassic World Is A Place You Can Visit

Jurassic World Is A Place You Can Visit

Welcome … to Jurassic Park. No, but really.

It was pretty much impossible to miss the release of the global trailer for Jurassic World today, and as our friends at Junkee said:

“It’s hard to pinpoint the most lovably stupid moment in the new Jurassic World trailer, because they manage to cram so many into those two minutes and forty seconds that it’s genuinely hard to pick your favourite. This thing is Jurassic Park meets the Call of Duty franchise meets every Matthew Reilly book ever, and it’s great.”


Having already touted the joys of visiting your favourite film sites IRL, the naturally magnificent sites of Jurassic World and its iconic prequels are sort of somethin’ else. Plus, there’s the comfort of knowing there’s exactly zero percent chance of being hunted by a raptor, T-rex or a cruel and unusual turbo-intelligent hybrid of the two.

Primary filming of the series happened in Hollywood’s tropical backlot, Hawaii. The Kualoa Valley in Kaaawa on the island of Oʻahu is nicknamed “Dinosaur Island” and its impressive ridge makes a stunning backdrop to the fictional Isla Nublar throughout the film series.

Kualoa Valley IRL

Kualoa Ranch
(Photo: Anthony_Goto/Flickr)
(Photo: Floyd Manzano/Flickr)

In the film…

Turn this boat around RIGHT NOW.

Dino kibble. The lot of you.

Today the area is a beef cattle ranch but it is also open for activities like hiking, horseback riding, off-road driving and all-terrain vehicle tours.

Imagine doing this without all of those pesky dinosaurs getting in the way?

You can even get married there. Is there anything more romantic than delivering your eternal vows of devotion right there on the spot where Newman from Seinfeld met his tragic (yet deserving) end?

Nah, ah.

As well as the Jurassic Park series, the stunning spot has been used as a location for The Hunger Games, The Karate Kid, Lost, The Amazing Race, Pearl Harbor and Hawaii Five-0, making it as versatile as it is Nearby you can also visit Kauai, where the Jurassic Park gate scenes are filmed – though things are slightly less flashy in real life.


(Photo: Panoramio)

Jurassic Park die-hards, can even  stretch their trip to include Olokeke Valley in Kaua’i and Manoa Falls in Honolulu, Oahu, which both serve as film locations for the yet-to-be-seen Jurassic World. Let’s just assume they’re super stunning too.

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