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Run As Fast As You Can From Dinosaurs In This ‘Jurassic World’ 5K Race

Run As Fast As You Can From Dinosaurs In This ‘Jurassic World’ 5K Race

Universal Studios Hollywood Are Hosting A Jurassic World 5k Race

Ever signed up for a 5k run, forgot you signed up, guilted yourself into running it anyway and struggled through the entire ordeal like a potato with something resembling legs? Yeah nah, neither have I, same… You’d definitely be more motivated during the Jurassic World 5k race, a fun run through the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

Because, as Chris Pratt’s character proved, being chased by a T-Rex is a surefire way to make anyone run faster. Facts are facts.


OK, so there won’t actually be dinosaurs on the loose, but the Jurassic World 5k and 10k will take runners through the theme park’s dinosaur attractions. There’ll be plenty of photo ops along the way, perfect places to take a quick breather and snap a selfie with one of the park’s dinosaurs.

The race will even make its way through the Universal Studios backlot, where shows like The Good Place are filmed and where you can 100 percent take more photos.

All participants will take home a Jurassic World medal, shirt, bag and collectible pin, and runners who choose the VIP package will also get a post-race breakfast.

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Race admission starts at US$75 (AU$110), and there’s a special Play All Day Package available. This gets you entry to Universal Studios Hollywood after the race has finished, so you can hop on the theme park’s new Jurassic World: The Ride.

Jurassic World 5k will be held on Saturday, November 16, with the 10k happening on Sunday, November 17.

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(Lead image: Jurassic World / Universal Pictures)

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