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There’s A Rumour That Super Mario Theme Park Is Coming To Universal Studios

There’s A Rumour That Super Mario Theme Park Is Coming To Universal Studios

There’s A Rumour That Super Mario World Is Coming To Universal Studios

Nintendo fans have had a good year – Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been big hits, and now there’s good news for anyone wanting to experience these games in real life, thanks to some very convincing rumours that a Super Mario World theme park is coming to Universal Studios.

Here’s what we know.

Late last year, photos leaked showing plans for a new Universal Orlando theme park called Fantastic Worlds, and everyone’s favourite Italian plumber and his friends seem to be the stars of the show.


Before anyone at AWOL gets too carried away, we have to remind ourselves that these are just rumours, and that Nintendo hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumours. But it has announced that a larger-than-life Nintendo adventure is coming to Universal Orlando (and Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Hollywood, but no leak on them yet). Who are we to crush anyone’s hopes and dreams? Nintendo is coming, baby!

According to Nintendo’s website, the park will bring iconic gameplay, heroes and villains to life in highly-themed, immersive and interactive environments filled with multiple attractions and characters from the games.


Which sounds about right for what the leaked documents describe. If they’re authentic, it sounds like the Fantastic Worlds park will be one of the largest and most ambitious that Universal has ever built. The leak describes a “hub and spoke” design, which means the park will be built around a central icon, with smaller worlds coming off the main space.

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Nintendo has said that we can expect an official announcement about the park soon, so watch this space! Whether or not the park turns out to be Super Mario World or something else, we’re excited to step into the world of Nintendo and see our faves.

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(Lead image: Nintendo)

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