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Japan’s Super Nintendo World Will Feature A Full-Size Mario Kart Course

Japan’s Super Nintendo World Will Feature A Full-Size Mario Kart Course

Super Nintendo World Osaka Universal Studios

Ever wanted to board your own real-life kart, race your mates, all the while shooting shells and tossing banana peels in an attempt at sabotaging the competition? You’re not alone in your aspiration for real-life Mario Kart, and Nintendo has finally recognised this, with the Universal Studios Osaka Super Nintendo World revealed as being the future home to a real-life Mario Kart course.


The course will feature karts on rails, with one traveller driving the kart and the other uses power-ups and weapons. Word is out on exactly which weapons will feature, but we’re hoping for a spiky blue shell for the satisfaction of taking out whoever is in first place (let’s face it, we’re not as good as we’d like).

Nintendo has previously announced that its Super Nintendo World theme parks will feature a range of attractions inspired by its best-selling range of games, as well as visitors being able to meet characters such as Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Bowser from Mario games and from other “globally popular” games (surely meaning characters like Pikachu, Link and Zelda).

Revisit this teaser below to get a preview of some of the attractions and characters you’ll encounter on a visit.

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The Universal Studios Super Nintendo World will be open in 2020, in time for visitors flocking to the country for the Tokyo Olympics. Further Super Nintendo Worlds are planned for Hollywood and Orlando in the United States, as well as Singapore.


If you’re in Australia and can’t wait that long for a good old Mario Kart sesh, check out B. Lucky and Sons arcade bar to challenge your friends.

(Lead image: Super Nintendo World, Nintendo)

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