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Want Some Serenity? You Could Be Paid $130,000 Per Year To Run This Lighthouse B&B

Want Some Serenity? You Could Be Paid $130,000 Per Year To Run This Lighthouse B&B

East Brother Island Light Station needs a new all-rounder; could it be you?

Way back in 1845, philosopher Henry David Thoreau decided he’d had quite enough of the modern world.

Bored of the unstoppable rise of modernisation and overcrowding in major cities, he decided to retreat from it all, spending two years living as a hermit on a piece of land named Walden owned by his mentor, Ralph Waldo Emerson.


It was there he expanded his mind, worked out the order of the universe, became closer to nature, and wrote Walden, one of the greatest works of philosophical inquiry in history.

Now listen, I’m not promising that any of that will happen to you, but I am saying that the folks that own a tiny island off the coast of San Francisco called East Brother Light Station are advertising for an all-rounder, which sounds like a pretty good opportunity to get your Walden on to me. Or just live your best hermit life, you do you.


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Yep, the folks at East Brother are looking for someone to maintain the tiny bed and breakfast on the tiny, remote island, located just off the coast of San Francisco.

The role requires one to maintain the upkeep of the lodgings, cook for the guests, stay on top of the food supplies, drive guests to and from the island via a small boat, and generally make sure that tourists have the best time possible.


That means any potential candidate should have a boat licence. But hey, that’s not all that hard to get. And anyway, you’ll be rewarded handsomely — the pay for the job is US$130,000 per year, or just over AU$180,000.

For that kinda money, I reckon you can spend a couple of hours on a boat.

Of course, there’s also the Walden-esque incentive. There’s not a single TV on the island, nor any wi-fi, so you can spend your days getting back to basics: gazing across the ocean, murmuring quietly to yourself, writing dense philosophy, and sitting in gentle contemplation.


Oh, and they’re looking for a couple, ideally, so maybe now’s the time to start floating the plan to your partner.

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(Lead Image: Almonroth / Wikimedia Commons)

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