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Is This The Weirdest Hotel In The World?

Is This The Weirdest Hotel In The World?

Ever dream of spending a night in a coffin? A jail cell? What about a room covered entirely in mirrors? While this might sound like your worst nightmare, a bizarre hotel in Berlin lets you live out these horror story set-ups just for the hell of it.

Take a peak inside the Propeller Island City Lodge, the spookiest and kookiest place to spend a night in Germany.


Dreamt up and made a reality by German installation artist Lars Stroschen, the hotel serves as an art piece come to life with its weird and wonderful accommodation.

Guests can stay in a room filled with nude photos, a circular bed that rotates throughout the night or two comfy coffins all set and ready to go for you and your vampire buddy – and in case you were wondering, yep, those lids close.


There are 27 different rooms offering the very best in Berlin weirdness. Some guest favourites include the upside down room, which sees guests sleeping in floorboards on the “ceiling”, a jail cell with your very own in-room toilet and escape hole, and ‘Grandma’s Room’ that offers up spooky old lady realness complete with a disapproving photograph on the wall.

It’s all so wrong, but you can’t say you’re not a little intrigued though, right? Room prices at Propeller start at around 79  ($125 AUD) a night and vary depending on the room. Spook yourself right at this delightfully strange hotel – it might cost you your sanity, but who needs that anyway?

(All images: Propeller Island City Lodge)

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