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Is This Stress Ball Map The Best Idea Ever?

Is This Stress Ball Map The Best Idea Ever?

Ever felt overwhelmed by a giant oversized map? Ever felt embarrassed pulling it out on a street corner and struggling to read the tiny indecipherable print? Well worry no more – we’ve found a solution.


There’s no denying travel can be stressful at times, so this stress ball map couldn’t have come at a better time. This stress ball map was created by Dénes Sátor a Hungarian design student who decided there needed to be an easier (and more fun) way to deal with travel maps. Enter: the Egg Map.

When squeezed, the ball reveals details from the streets of Budapest with each quarter of the city in a different colour so you can’t take a wrong turn. Keep squeezing and you’ll see landmarks, public transport options and even nearby restaurants.

Made from a waterproof flexible material, the Egg Map is basically indestructible – better than ordinary maps that are easily torn or misplaced, the stress ball is filled with 100% air, so it’s super light and convenient too.

Sátor claims modern technologies often let us down when travelling – think about it, the last time you were overseas, did you struggle with the fact that you couldn’t use your mobile data and Google maps? This way you won’t have to worry about data or Wi-Fi coverage or even the battery on your phone – you can now spend that precious battery life taking a million photos of your destination.

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There are plans to turn the Egg Map into maps for various different cities across the world, so if you’re keen on one, keep an eye on their Facebook.

(All images: Egg Map/Tumblr)

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