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No Joke, Soon You’ll Be Able To Visit The International Space Station For An Outer-Space Getaway

No Joke, Soon You’ll Be Able To Visit The International Space Station For An Outer-Space Getaway

international space station

Whomst among us hasn’t dreamed of visiting the stars? But until now, anyone who’s not an astronaut has been stuck on stupid Earth. Until now! NASA has announced that it’s opening the International Space Station up to visitors.

Strap me into a rocket ship and blast me off, we can go to space! From 2020, tourists with a serious case of wanderlust can jet off 400km above the planet and visit the ISS.


Forget a Euro summer, cancel your plans to see the other side of Australia, who cares about New York? If your next holiday isn’t in outer space, what are you even doing with your life?

Okay, so obviously this won’t be for everyone and you should not cancel your other holiday plans, which I’m sure are all amazing – only two visitors each year will be allowed up there, and they’ll need to meet strict medical and training requirements for spaceflight. Plus, the cost will be as high as the ISS itself.

But if you have a spare US$58 million-ish (AU$83.6 million-ish) lying around to cover your return tickets and another US$35,000 (AU$50,000) to cover your accommodation per night, go for gold!

Otherwise, this might not be your chance to go to space, and I’m sorry for getting your hopes up. Personally, I blame The Simpsons for making it look so cool to hang out in space.

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(Lead image: Wikimedia and NASA & Matthew Smith / Unsplash)

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