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This Paparazzi-Themed Cinema In Sydney Lets You Walk Your Own Red Carpet Before A Movie

This Paparazzi-Themed Cinema In Sydney Lets You Walk Your Own Red Carpet Before A Movie

event boutique

Once you’ve splashed out the cash to see a movie in Gold Class, you’ve pretty much reached the pinnacle of luxe cinema experiences. Except now Event Cinemas has gone and one-upped its own gold standard with two new boutique cinemas, called “Event Boutique” that are a little OTT and a lot fancy.

Event Boutique has opened in Event Cinemas on George Street in Sydney. So far it’s got two themed cinemas, “The Library” and (the one we’re very keen for) “Paparazzi”.


Seeing a movie at the Paparazzi cinema is what I imagine it feels like to be a B-list star at your own movie premiere. The theme here is the glamour of the red carpet, and they’ve gone all out. Pictures of paparazzi with flashing cameras line the walls and wherever you walk, you’re walking on red carpet.

event boutique

The Library is a little bit more chilled out, with pictures of old books along the walls, real books stick to parts of the ceiling and a big illustration of someone shushing you on the back wall.

event boutique

Event Boutique calls itself “Australia’s first Instagrammable cinema” and look, yeah. Everything here looks fine-as-hell, even the leather recliners and the cute little lamps. And then there’s the food…

Event has teamed up with Sonoma Bakery and Vic’s Meats to put together a menu that you’ll actually be excited to eat. Think smashed avo, wagyu beef burgers and charcuterie boards, followed up with fried-to-order doughnuts and chocolate brownies with popcorn on top.

event boutique

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And everything will be delivered to your seat by a waiter, of course.

Of course, all this luxury comes at a cost, and that cost starts at $37 per ticket.

Event Boutique cinemas are going to be rolling out across the rest of Australia and New Zealand, but for now, Sydney’s where it’s at if you want to see a movie and feel like the star that you are!

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(Lead image: Event Boutique / supplied)

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