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This Hideous Bubble Home In Brisbane Is Up For Sale And I Want It

This Hideous Bubble Home In Brisbane Is Up For Sale And I Want It

Coming directly from your childhood daydreams to Brisbane‘s suburb of Ipswich, is an actual bubble house that looks a lot like someone took acid then redesigned The Jetsons’ home.

It was built by architect and current owner Graham Birchall and yes, seemingly inspired by a NASA space base. It also took a casual decade-ish to complete, with Birchall only making progress after his regular job and on weekends.

All up there are 11 domes and 20 rooms that take up 1,050 sqm of floor space over three levels. Within those rooms are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, four car spaces, a library, media room, sports bar, a GOLF TEE, a cathedral room (whatever that is), and a wine cellar.

Oh, and an entry TUNNEL. So basically you never need the outside world, ever.

As odd as it looks to regular folks (me), apparently it’s actual somewhat of an architectural marvel. Less so for its space station appearance, and more because of the consistent use of circles.

“I remembered that NASA’s Mars Rover had one of these things on it. So I thought to myself, they might be able to help me with that. So I rang them up,” Birchall told IpswichFirst in 2017.

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“They said, this is our email address. Put down what you want and I’ll send it to you…Within two days I had the drawings of the Mars Rover. It didn’t help me at all but I’ll still amazed that they released it to me”.

According to, Birchall was “in love with the adaptability of circles”, which sounds downright philosophical to me. Apparently the calculations needed to make something like this work are super complicated, so he had to bring on modern computer software to help get it done.

It’s now listed on for expressions of interest, and is apparently drawing attention worldwide. No-one is giving a price tag estimate on this bubbly bad boi, but apparently regular homes in the area can go for over $1 million.


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