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In London You Can Watch Movies In A Hot Tub

In London You Can Watch Movies In A Hot Tub

Well, this is certainly more exciting than watching The Hunger Games alone on your laptop in bed.

London’s Hot Tub Cinema lets you experience your favourite films from the warmth of a 40°C hot tub, in very close proximity to seven other movie and jacuzzi lovers.


You can book out an entire tub for six to eight friends, or just buy a few tickets and collect new pals along the way. Screenings normally include around 30 tubs with pristine surround sound and each tub also has a waiter to service your food and drink needs.


Along with movies, they also run hot tub karaoke nights. As Hot Tub Cinema is a pop up event, there is not fixed location – instead the event runs at a variety of both indoor and outdoor spaces in the UK and internationally. They even had a series shown in an abandoned railway station in Shoreditch last year and New Yorkers experienced pruney fingers with their film over the 2014 northern hemisphere summer. Maybe your city is the next stop. Just don’t drop the popcorn – someone has to clean that.

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