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In Colombia You Can Jump Into An Active Volcano

In Colombia You Can Jump Into An Active Volcano

It’s Tuesday, and the weekend seems so far away. Throwing yourself into an active volcano definitely seems a little dramatic, however if you were in Colombia it would actually be totally cool.

(Photo: David Holt/Flickr)

Volcan de Lodo El Totumo is an active mud volcano in Northern Colombia, around 50kms north of Cartagena. Legend has it, it used to belch fiery lava and ash until a local priest seasoned it with holy water which turned it into mud to drown the devil. This same mud is now believed to have healing properties on par with a fancy spa.

(Photo: Dave Holt/Flickr)

You access the 15m high mound via a rickety staircase and plunge into the mineral-rich organic goo which is thick, silky and warm. The heavy density of the mud makes you extra buoyant. You can float with ease, and try as you might, it’s impossible to get your shoulders under without capsizing your body.

(Photo: Raunov/Flickr)

Once you’ve finished bathing you carefully head down to the nearby lagoon and have the mud washed off you by locals. The only keepsake you have will be your baby-soft skin and shiny, silky hair.

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The day trip can be organised by your hotel in Cartagena, and remember to bring small bills to tip the locals – there’s camera holders, stuff minders and even massages on offer. Sounds like the best game of stuck in the mud ever to me.

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