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For $38, You Could Own This Whole Guesthouse In Ecuador

For $38, You Could Own This Whole Guesthouse In Ecuador

It’s not everyday that a competition prize is offering not a car, nor a cash prize, nor a holiday giveaway, but a complete overhaul of your lifestyle.

The Greenshields family are the current owners of an eco-friendly guesthouse in Baños, Ecuador and they’re looking to hand their keys away to another lucky caretaker. Literally anybody. It could be you. All you have to do is buy this ebook for $38AUD ($29USD) to get in the running.

Um! Yes please! Photo: La Casa Verde – Eco Guesthouse

The guesthouse, named La Casa Verde (The Green House), is very popular and highly rated on Tripadvisor, winning the ‘Travellers Choice’ award five years running. The winner of the competition will inherent this legacy, the profitable business, a chilled out Ecuadorian lifestyle on the brink of the Amazon rainforest and a $13,300AUD ($10,000USD) cash prize. Whoa. There’s loads to do in Baños, including hiking, swimming and biking around the hills of the Amazon Basin. There are also cascading waterfalls and the nearby Tungurahua volcano to marvel at and the ‘swing at the end of the world‘.

Photo: La Casa Verde – Eco Guesthouse

So why are the Greenshields giving up this damn good deal they’ve got going on? They want to head back home. They found the bones of La Casa Verde after a year of travelling around South America and made it their mission to turn it into a hotel home. And they did a pretty good job of it too. Ten years later, they want to head back to their Australian and Kiwi roots.

Photo: La Casa Verde – Eco Guesthouse

They felt it was appropriate to hand the keys over to another person looking to change their lifestyle, hence naming the competition ‘WIN the lifestyle‘. It’s the prize that keeps on giving.

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You can buy the ebook to enter the competition here. The winners will be announced via a Facebook Live video on the 29th of April. Good luck!

(Lead image: la casa verde – eco guest house/Facebook)

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