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This Berlin Hotel Room Looks Like A Comic Book

This Berlin Hotel Room Looks Like A Comic Book

If this hotel room at Berlin’s Arte Luise Hotel reminds you of a comic book, it’s for good reason.


This particular room was designed by Berlin-based comic book artist Kehl, and it looks like a cross between a cel-shaded Sega Dreamcast game and a dollhouse in a graphic novel. Each corner and angle is outlined with a thin black texta, adding to the 2D look of the twin room.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.01.24 pm

The Arte Luise Hotel which houses this room is basically an unusual gallery where you can spend the night inside of a work of art. It was opened in 1995 as an artists’ project and today serves as a comfortable and unique sleeping experience that’s as exciting as Berlin itself.

Over 50 artists have contributed individual rooms to the project, with each artist receiving a percentage of the earnings for each room.

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Only in Berlin, eh.

(Images: Arte Luise Hotel)

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