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You Need To Check Out Colombia’s Epic ‘Hammock In The Sky’

You Need To Check Out Colombia’s Epic ‘Hammock In The Sky’

Sometimes hostels can conjure up nightmarish memories of rock hard mattresses, shower thongs and excessively loud roommates. Other times, hostels come to us in the form of great, easy-going people, fun activities and a perfect location. This hostel in Colombia is one of those.

However, Casa Elemento Hostel is not an easy place to get to. Hidden in the mountain range of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, located four hours from Cartegena, travelling to the secluded spot will take you two hours on some questionably safe roads.

But boy, the result is worth every inch of sweat and fear. The hostel has an easy to follow list of instructions, too.

Casa Elemento2

Casa Elemento has a huge 20-person hammock that hangs over a cliffside and looks out onto the expansive Colombian mountainside. It’s been dubbed ‘Hammock In The Sky’ for the way it looks as if it floats above the enormous valley.

Casa Elemento3

You can only access the huge hammock if you’re a guest at the hostel. And it’s a Wi-Fi-free, cash-only premises that has a maximum guest limit of 35 people.

Located in a former defence outpost, the hostel offers a range of private rooms, dorm beds and hammocks to stay on. Yep, you can sleep in a single hammock looking out over the lovely natural landscape for the measly sum of $11AUD.

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Casa Elemento4

But of course, we’d trade free Wi-Fi for a giant, floating hammock any day. Would you?

(All images: Casa Elemento/Facebook)

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