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In Austria You Can Swim In A Pool Made Of Beer

In Austria You Can Swim In A Pool Made Of Beer

The craft beer revolution has seen microbreweries transform the world’s favourite drink into an artisan tipple. Hops are now the hippest thing since beards and man buns. Many enthusiasts can comfortably claim they have truly immersed themselves in the world of craft beer. Well, now there’s a chance for them to literally immerse themselves in a swimming pool of actual craft beer. Oh, what a time to be alive.


At the Austrian brewer Starkenberger’s Castle in Tarrenz, there are seven warm beer swimming pools. Each pool is filled with 12,000 litres of water enriched with 300 litres of beer. Apparently the brewer’s yeast has healing effects and the carbonic acid stimulates circulation and ensures smooth skin, so you can splash around in a pool and beer and claim it’s for your health.


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Although the bathing beer is warm, you can also order a cold ale from the bar to enjoy while you relax. We’d strongly advise against drinking from the pool.


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