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A Beer Spa Exists; Wants To Cure Your Ails Using Only Ales

A Beer Spa Exists; Wants To Cure Your Ails Using Only Ales

A beauty spa in Oregon has skipped the usual herbal remedies and natural oils for something a little more… alcoholic.


The fittingly named Hop In The Spa, located in the tourist town of Sisters in Oregon, is offering a full-body spa experience using beer. Hop In The Spa claims to be the very first of its kind in America and offers a range of treatments, including massages, body polishing and exfoliating.

And don’t worry – you’ll get to drink the stuff too.


Your typical treatment will start like so: guests begin with a pint of ale on arrival and are lead into the lounge area to chill. Brew soaking is first up where people soak their bodies in a tub filled with hops (which is supposedly great for exfoliation and has a bunch of Vitamin C), water and a bunch of other herbs and minerals which are perfect for relieving stress, anxiety and sore muscles. Remember: this is for your health, after all.

After your soak, it’s time for your massage. Hop-infused essential oils are used to keep you relaxed and chilled out – you’re even invited to continue drinking your ale right through your treatment.



The spa incidentally works with the neighbouring Deschutes Brewery to provide all the beer and hops you’ll need for a relaxing time.

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Interestingly, the town of Sisters is well known for its craft beer (it’s three hours away from Portland, after all) so Hop In The Spa owner Sally Champa saw an opportunity for a beer-centric spa to aid in the hops revolution. With a background in massage therapy, Champa was inspired by a former customer who mentioned the healing powers of hops and its prominence in Europe.

After all, it’s certainly one way to get a buzz going.

(Images: Hop In The Spa)

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