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Austria And Poland Are Running Dedicated Polaroid Tours

Austria And Poland Are Running Dedicated Polaroid Tours

One European tour company is asking us to look beyond our smartphone camera towards something a little more physical: a polaroid.

Sophort runs tours of Austria and Poland, arming visitors with an old school polaroid camera and eight possible pictures before taking them along to a bunch of interesting sites. The rest is completely up to them.

Photo: Sophort/Facebook

Offering walking tours of Vienna, Warsaw and Gatz, Sophort aims to make us think twice about what memories we’d really like to keep. In Vienna, where the tour company first started its tours in 2013, you can even choose from a classical tour looking at the city’s monuments and historic buildings, or an urban tour exploring off the beaten track into the younger, more artistic history.

Photo: Sophort/Facebook

Speaking about the unique concept, co-founder Thomas Preyer told Lonely Planet: “These days, getting a physical souvenir photo that you can hold after your tour, is something quite different and special. The tours really make you think about which picture to take, especially when you have only eight photos for one roll of film.”

Do you ever look at your camera roll after a walking tour and think: ‘Pretty building, but what is it and why did I take seven pics of it?’ This tour will rectify that problem. If you can only capture eight physical memories from your tour, you better make them count.

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(Lead image: Sophort/Facebook)

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