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Hold Onto Your Köttbullar: There’s An Ikea Museum In Europe Now

Hold Onto Your Köttbullar: There’s An Ikea Museum In Europe Now

Get out that Allen key, the world’s first Ikea Museum is finally here and we promise it won’t be as stressful as your last visit.

The new Ikea Museum will celebrate the past, present and future of the iconic furniture brand with over 20,000 works on display. The museum is housed in what was once the first Ikea store in Älmhult, Sweden, which opened in 1958. Visitors can learn the storied history of the brand, with exhibits celebrating the very first appearance of some of your Ikea faves. Case in point: the Billy bookcase and the Klippan sofa each get their own section thanks to their worldwide popularity.


Not only that, there will also be decade-specific rooms set up to show what an Ikea fan’s bedroom would have looked like in the ’70s or ’90s.

No museum celebrating Ikea would be complete without an ode to the store’s favourite meal item – the Swedish meatball. And you’re in luck – meatballs not only feature on the menu of the venue’s restaurant, but there’s also a glass cabinet dedicated to a single meatball on a fork. What an heroic tribute.



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There will – of course – be a gift shop, fitted out with unique products not available at any other store. In true Ikea fashion, there may even be some assembly required on that novelty Ikea Museum mug so bring along your allen key just in case.


The Ikea Museum is set to open to the public on June 30. No word yet if those tiny pencils and complimentary tape measures will be available, but here’s hoping.

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