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Is NYC Getting A Huge Vertical Free-Fall Ride Right In The Heart Of The City?

Is NYC Getting A Huge Vertical Free-Fall Ride Right In The Heart Of The City?

Ah, New York. The city of dreams, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps…and the city with its own spiralling thrill ride in the middle of it? You better believe it.

There’s been a proposal for a 365 metre tall free-fall ride (or as they like to call it, a “vertical urban amusement ride”) to be built above New York City’s Pennsylvania Station in the midtown area of Manhattan. Presented by AE Superlabs, the ride will be housed in a giant transparent tower called the Halo, and will sit at nearly three times the height of the London Eye.


The Halo will allow people to have a go on the “biggest and fastest tower ride in the world”. It will also function as the city’s “largest and most visible interactive information display,” with a live feed of information about the city across huge transparent LED pixel screens. Times Square’s flashing lights will look positively dull compared to this.

The ride itself is set to be a wild time: there will be 11 gondolas dropping at different speeds, which means it can cater to a range of patrons, both the thrill-seekers and the sight-seers. Each ride would cost $35USD, with the fastest ride set to reach speeds of over 160 kilometres per hour.


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The developers told the Daily News that the ride would generate lots of money to help pay for renovations to the ageing Penn Station. The station currently functions as North America’s busiest transport hub, with over 650,000 passengers per day using its Amtrack and commuter rail lines.

There are still a few hoops to jump through before The Halo comes to be – the biggest of which is actually a zoning issue; Midtown Manhattan isn’t zoned for amusement park rides – yet.

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