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Hobart’s Got A ‘Storytelling Hotel’ For Aussie History Buffs

Hobart’s Got A ‘Storytelling Hotel’ For Aussie History Buffs

One of the more uniquely beautiful parts of Australia, Tasmania is enjoying quite the renaissance. And, with ever-growing interest in our southernmost state, the spotlight on Tasmanian history is growing stronger, too.

Now, a new Hobart hotel is ensuring that visitors get a true sense of Tasmania’s storied past by asking them to sleep in it.

MACq 01 is a “storytelling” hotel that immerses guests in the stories of “our native people to our inventors, explorers, convicts and heroes”. Opened to coincide with Dark Mofo back in 2017, the luxurious waterfront hotel has 114 rooms, each one reflecting a different historical figure from Tasmania’s rich past.

MACq 01, Hobart

There’s also bunch of historical artefacts in the hotel rooms and lobby itself. It’s almost like spending a night at an actual museum.

MACq 01, Hobart

To add to the experience, the hotel offers hotel and citywide tours with knowledgeable local. Or, simply enjoy a drink at the bar where you can sit around and listen to a bunch of stories being told.

MACq 01, Hobart

The hotel is located on Macquarie Wharf, an area that plays has a key part in Hobart’s maritime history, and the rooftop doubles as an impressive grandstand from which to watch the finish line of the famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

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MACQ history

It’s certainly a must-stay for Australian history buffs. You can find out more info or book a room here.

How To Get There

  • Fly Qantas to Hobart Airport
  • From Sunways Avenue, take the 665 service to Rosny Park (39 stops)
  • Take the 616 service towards Hobart City to Liverpool Street
  • Walk 750m via Campbell Street
  • Macq01, 18 Hunter Street, Hobart
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(All images: MACq 101 / Facebook)

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