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South Australia Will Help You Hit Refresh

South Australia Will Help You Hit Refresh

Learn how to travel the South Australian way:

There’s nothing like travel for getting rid of a bad case of burnout — and you don’t need to worry about whipping out your passport, there are plenty of transformative experiences to be found in our own backyard in South Australia.

Exploring South Australia is like uncovering a treasure trove of diverse landscapes, from the rugged outback to the pristine coastline, each revealing a unique and captivating facet of this remarkable place. Feel like a whole new person with this top-to-tail guide of exciting and unexpected experiences in South Australia.

Get a body and brain boost

South Australia Will Help You Hit Refresh
Petrol Cove, Photography Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/Jesse Ehlers

There’s a reason all those influencers go on long hikes to have major epiphanies. Make like Sheryl Strayed and explore some of the many scenic trails South Australia has to offer. The Heysen Trail, for instance, is Australia’s longest marked walking trail, stretching 1200km from the Outback Flinders Ranges to the coast of Fleurieu Peninsula. 

And while a hike will help ground you, it’s also important to gaze up at the sky — taking in the stars is always a good way to gain a new perspective and help you relax and unwind. For a spectacular view of the night sky, there’s no better place than Lincoln National Park, which overlooks Boston Bay, the largest natural harbour in the country.

Be fascinated by the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the State’s First Nations peoples

South Australia Will Help You Hit Refresh
Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours, Photography Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Immerse yourself in a captivating journey of ancient knowledge, skill and expertise with Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours, guided by Nharangga Kokatha man Shane Warrior. Another is Wadna Aboriginal Culture Tours, which will take you to the picturesque Adnyamathanha land in the Flinders Ranges to experience some of  the oldest living art sites and teach you about bush tucker while bringing you closer to culture..

Embrace your wild side

South Australia Will Help You Hit Refresh
Photography Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/Calypso Star Charters

South Australia is home to some of the most unique wildlife in the world, and there are many ways you can enjoy and learn more about it. A shark cage dive, for starters, is sure to make you feel like a new (brave) person, or if you prefer something a little less intimidating, a swim with sealions aka ‘the puppies of the sea’ will be an unforgettable experience. Of course, there are magnificent creatures to be found all across the state — from the giant cuttlefish along the coastline to the wedge-tailed eagles and emus along Eyre Peninsula.

Take a pause

South Australia Will Help You Hit Refresh
Sequoia, Photography Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/We Are Komodo and Daisy Hofstetter

Nature is wonderful for feeling rejuvenated, but so is a hella bougie relaxation extravaganza in a lux stay like Mount Lofty House Boutique Estate or Sequoia Lodge. You can even combine the best of both worlds by indulging in upscale accommodation nestled within incredible natural landscapes, like Arkaba in the Flinders Ranges, or CABN in the Fleurieu Peninsula. You’ll truly feel like you’re in another world. What better way to emerge brand new?

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Elevate the everyday

South Australia Will Help You Hit Refresh
Heli-Camping – Rawnsley Park Station, Photography Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/Lewis Potter

We all need to eat, but holidays are a good excuse to turn meals into events and unforgettable experiences. For instance, with a Catch N Cook tour you can hunt wild seafood and truly savour the taste of your own freshly caught meal. Or you can get choppered into a delicious two-course meal under a spectacular star-filled Outback sky in the Flinders Ranges with Rawnsley Park Station Helicopter Experiences. And if you want to immerse yourself in the finest wine tasting, why not try it via bike on the Clare Valley Riesling Trail? Don’t forget, an escape to South Australia is all about getting out of your comfort zone and discovering a whole new you.

Learn how to travel the South Australian way.

Image Credit: Sunset On The Chace – Rawnsley Park Station // South Australian Tourism Commission, Emile Ristevski

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