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Arnott’s Just Upped Your Snack Game With Their New Iced Coffee And Choc Milk Biccies

Arnott’s Just Upped Your Snack Game With Their New Iced Coffee And Choc Milk Biccies

What if you didn’t need coffee AND biscuits anymore? What if a biscuit was created that combined it all in one delicious bite? This is definitely what the flavour inventors at Arnott’s thought before releasing their new Dare Iced Coffee Slice.

Yes, the two iconic brands teamed up to gift this milk chocolate, robusta and arabica coffee biscuit to the Australia. It’s available at Woolies right now for $2.50 — making it the perfect Friday arvo treat that we all know you deserve.

But wait, there’s more.

They’ve also teamed up to create TeeVee Snacks Chocolate Milk — with sweet vanilla and chocolate flavours with creamy dairy finish that basically tastes like you’re eating chocolate milk. I said what I said.

You’ll officially have to wait a little longer for these bad bois to hit shelves at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets, but it’ll happen by mid-July and they’ll be around $3.65.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Lion to replicate flavours from their much loved on-the-go milk drinks and combine them with our crowd pleasers — TeeVee Snacks and Slice,” said Arnott’s Brand Manager Citra Yunika.

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“From the delectable flavour combination of Iced Coffee with Arnott’s real milk chocolate, or the exciting Dairy Farmers Milk Chocolate infused with Arnott’s famous TeeVee Snacks – we can’t wait for Australians to try and enjoy”.

If that’s not enough of a fix, or you’d rather give it a little bit of a DIY touch, you can check out the Arnott’s recipes for  Iced VovosTimTam brownies, Monte CarlosScotch Fingers, a Nice biscuit cheesecake and even Granita S’mores. Bless them, they kept us all entertained during our lockdown baking habits.

Anyway, it’s the weekend now and it’s been quite a week so you may as well go treat yo’self I reckon.

(Lead Images: Provided / Arnott’s)

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