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Goat Yoga Is Now A Trending Activity In Amsterdam

Goat Yoga Is Now A Trending Activity In Amsterdam

Taking cues from a hugely popular trend in the US, a goat farm in Amsterdam has started offering yoga in its goat pens. Imagine seeing a cute little upside goat peeking through your legs while you’re in downward dog. My heart!

Clinical research studies have been bouncing around the internet for years, raving about the benefits of the ancient practice on our general health and wellbeing. Cute animals have also been bouncing around the internet for years, because we love them.

So why wouldn’t you combine the two to have the happiest experience of all time?

goat yoga
Photo: Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm

Want in? Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm offers yoga in the middle of its barn every Saturday. After completing their class, guests can relax with a coffee with goats milk and a homemade nut cake. So why include these adorable furry friends? “Just being around these sociable animals causes the body to produce the cuddle hormone oxytocin, relaxing the body and mind and therefore assisting you in your postures,” Ridammerhoeve states on its website.

The farm is located around half an hour outside of central Amsterdam and is well worth a visit, even if you’re not going for yoga. They’ve got goats cheese making workshops, a cafe with lots of homemade treats and a whole bunch of animals to pet and feed. Just look at the friends you can make there.

(Lead image: Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm)

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