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A Store Selling Only Peanut Butter Has Opened In Amsterdam

A Store Selling Only Peanut Butter Has Opened In Amsterdam

Hyper-specific food shops have become quite the rage all over the world with cereal cafes and toast-only purveyors popping up (mind the pun) throughout the globe. So what’s the latest development? Well let’s just say it’s a little nutty.

Are you a peanut-butter nutter? Great news; all of your wildest dreams have come true in the form of a peanut-butter only shop that recently opened up in Amsterdam.


Since opening it’s doors in June, De Pindakaaswinkel (the Peanut Butter Shop) has already received some major props from the peanut butter world (yes, this exists!) in large part due to their ethos. All of their products are artisanal, featuring natural, organic and fair trade ingredients as supplies wherever possible. That means no palm oil, sugar or artificial flavours, and all the pots are mixed and filled by hand.

It gets better though, with De Pindakaaswinkel also offering a range of interesting flavours including chocolate, caramel, raisin, sea salt, and our personal favourite, chilli and banana.

This is both nutty, and bananas.

Need more peanut butter in your life? When you pop into their shop, you can also partake in tasting events and workshops, or if you’re particularly nutty,  you can even host a party there.

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You can order all products from the shop online here, but better yet – why not use this as an excuse to plan your next Eurotrip? BYO jelly.

(All photos:De Pindakaaswinke)

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