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Strap In: Qantas’ New ‘Mystery Flights’ Promise A Full-Day Adventure To A Destination Unknown

Strap In: Qantas’ New ‘Mystery Flights’ Promise A Full-Day Adventure To A Destination Unknown

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Qantas mystery flights are here, designed as full-day weekend adventures to ease our border closure blues amid news that Australia’s borders will remain firmly shut to international travel until mid-June.

There’s a special kind of tingly excitement you can only get from flying, a nervous anticipation that builds when you have no idea what your destination is going to be like. How good was that feeling?

To help bring it back, Qantas has launched a new concept that curates three mystery weekend adventures exploring our own backyard. The best bit? You won’t know where you’re going until the aircraft commences its descent. *chef’s kiss*


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With a focus on regional destinations, the adventure includes a private charter Qantas B737 flight plus an entire day of activities in your mystery destination with all 120 passengers. All you have to do is book and turn up.

The limited Qantas mystery flight experiences will hit up destinations within two hours of either Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. Seats start at $737 for the full experience (including meals and alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages) and go on sale midday today, March 4 for travel in March, April and May.

“You could be sipping chardonnay amongst the grapevines of an award-winning vineyard, dipping your toes in the turquoise waters of a tropical island, or enjoying country hospitality at its finest. Whatever you end up doing, it will involve a scrumptious lunch,” says Qantas.

The flight itself aims to be part of the adventure too, including some low-level scenic flybys of key landmarks en route (subject to weather conditions and air traffic control).

They’ve already offered up a few clues on what the three surprise adventures have in store, depending on your departure city. Before the big day, they’ll drop you a more few hints to make packing your carry on easier, like whether snorkels or sneakers are the vibe of the day.

You’ll love the Brisbane March 27 getaway  if you’re into “country hospitality, gourmet food and wine and the great outdoors.”

Leaving Sydney on April 18? You’ll want to be a fan of “the tropics, salt water on your skin and long lunching on the beach.”

Melbourne departures for May 1 should be keen on “the great outdoors, gourmet food and wine and regional farmers markets.”

The Qantas mystery flights are about giving Australians memorable travel experiences and promoting domestic tourism, according to Qantas Group Chief Customer Officer, Stephanie Tully.

“These flights turn [current travel] mystery into a positive by creating a unique experience for the many people keen to start travelling again,” she says. “As well as helping bring more of our people back to work, these mystery flights are another way to support tourism operators in regional areas especially, who have been hit particularly hard by several waves of travel restrictions.”

This isn’t actually the first time Qantas has offered mystery flights – it’s a concept they rolled out in the ’90s where passengers could board a plane to a mystery destination for a day trip before flying back home.

All three Qantas mystery flights will operate with net zero emissions, with 100% of emissions carbon offset. For info on COVID safety and the Qantas Fly Well program, click here. To book, click here.

(Lead image: John Kappa / Unsplash)

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