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Become Gelatissimo’s Next Taste Tester And Get Paid To Eat Gelato

Become Gelatissimo’s Next Taste Tester And Get Paid To Eat Gelato

Gelatissimo Is Hiring A Gelato Taste Tester And Paying $500

If I had a dollar for every episode of The Office I rewatched, I could have paid off my student debt. And while no one’s offered me that job (yet), Gelatissimo is offering another kind of dream job — they’re looking for someone to become their new taste tester. Yes, you could get paid to eat gelato.

Dear. God.

The successful applicant will go into Gelatissimo’s Sydney office in Rydalmere on Friday, September 27, for four hours of intensive — and obviously delicious — tasting. And the best part is (yes, even better than getting to eat gelato all day), you’ll be paid $500 for your trouble.


So you’re telling me that when I eat gelato for four-hours straight in my pyjamas at home it’s “lazy”, but when you do it for Gelatissimo it’s “a job”?

Actually, I’m not mad about that.

You’ll be tasting new, unreleased flavours and giving your expert opinion on a few recently released flavours. Gelatissimo recently released two limited edition deluxe gelatos, Luscious Lemon Meringe and Chunky New York Cheesecake, and you’ll be helping to decide whether they should stay on the menu or if they need any changes.


“It’s important that we’re constantly innovating to create delicious new flavours. Throwing a fresh perspective into the mix is vital to ensure we stay on top of our game,” said Anna Temellini, Gelatissimo’s Product Innovation Specialist. “Plus, it’s not fair that I get to have all the fun.”

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Gelatissimo Is Hiring A Gelato Taste Tester And Paying $500

This is serious work for serious gelato tasters, so the applicants will be reviewed according to some strict selection criteria. But if you reckon you can objectively judge your caramel fudge swirl from your lemon meringue drizzle, you can apply on the official job listing on Airtasker. Just tell them why you’re the best person for the job! And don’t say, “Because I really, really want to”, because I’ve already used that in my application.

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(Images: Gelatissimo)

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