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Here’s How To Find Melbourne’s Best Food Trucks 24/7

Here’s How To Find Melbourne’s Best Food Trucks 24/7

Where To Find Melbourne's Best Food Trucks 24/7 With Snack Tracker

Some of Melbourne’s best food can’t be found in a restaurant — sometimes, the best dishes drive around the city on four wheels. Melbourne’s food trucks are a blessing, but it can be hard to keep track of where your fave meal is going to be at any given moment.

Or at least, it was hard. But it just got a whole lot easier thanks to Snack Tracker, an app that helps you keep tabs on the location of your favourite food trucks around the clock.


The app shows you a real-time list of all the food trucks, coffee carts and ice cream vans that are within a certain radius from your location. It’s not a food delivery app, but it does show you menus, contact details and customer reviews so you can head out knowing exactly what you’re going to order.


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But the million dollar question is: what food trucks jumped onboard for day one? Currently you can track The Bearded Jaffle, Nicolosi Pizzeria, The Taste of Cyprus, Jim Brown’s Cypriot Food, Chef Calamari and G Free Donuts. The app launched in Melbourne yesterday after a successful Aus rollout in Perth earlier in the year, and more food trucks are soon to join the ranks.

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You can also save your favourite vendors to get a notification when one’s nearby, and even purchase gift certificates that can be used in person at the trucks. The app also recently introduced a new feature that lets you track markets and pop-up events based on your location.

Snack Tracker is free to download, and while it won’t get you any discounts on your food, it’ll save you a whole heap of time in figuring out where to eat, and sometimes that’s even more valuable than saving a few dollars.

Download Snack Tracker from the App Store or Google Play.

(Lead image: James Frid / Pexels)

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