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Sydney Is Getting Its Own World-Class Wave Pool In Time For Summer, So Get Ready To Hang 10

Sydney Is Getting Its Own World-Class Wave Pool In Time For Summer, So Get Ready To Hang 10

Despite having grown up on the Central Coast, due to being an angsty teen, I didn’t learn to surf until I was an adult living in the middle of the Canadian mountains with no ocean in sight. I took lessons in a wave pool — a wave pool with the same five waves every time — and never quite graduated to the ocean.

Well, good news to everyone who’s a little nervous to brave the beach, because wave pool technology has improved by about a thousand, and it’s being pioneered by Australia’s Urbnsurf.

The first from these guys was set up in Melbourne. Having been there myself, let me just tell you it’s bloody awesome. You can read my full review here, but in short, there are waves for every level (including world champ surfers), it’s super inclusive so there’s no need to be nervous if you’re a total newb, and they have everything you need to hire if you don’t own your own gear yet.

Now, Sydney is getting one too, and the first visuals are out. Get a load of the new oasis we can expect:

Ready in time for next summer (2022/23), Urbnsurf Sydney will be ready to roll in Sydney Olympic Park. The diamond-shaped pool will be set on 3.6 hectares (about the size of the SCG), and will use their state-of-the-art Wavegarden “Cove” technology to produce waves of up to two metres high. The LED lights will let you hang 10 even into the night.

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“We are thrilled to continue bringing to life Urbnsurf’s vision of providing a safe and inclusive way to surf in Australia where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can get stoked riding perfect, authentic surfing waves in a safe and controlled environment,” said Urbnsurf’s CEO, Damon Tudor.

Let me just say that I, for one, am bloody excited. You can read more about it here. Oh and don’t worry Perth and Brisbane, you’ll both be next in the works.

(All images: provided by Urbnsurf)

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