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Five-Star Hotel Staff Are Sharing Their Secrets And Horror Stories On Reddit

Five-Star Hotel Staff Are Sharing Their Secrets And Horror Stories On Reddit

There’s nothing better than a good behind-the-scenes dish, whether it’s from flight attendants or servers dealing with horrible celebrities.

One thing that anybody who worked in hotels can attest to (and yup, that includes me), is that a hotel stay can bring out the absolute worst in some people. Like treating the staff like we’re your personal slaves. Like not doing their research when the hotel website CLEARLY states that we don’t have wifi due to being in the middle of a national park SEVERAL times on the website, then screaming at the staff like there’s been a murder for it on arrival. Or trashing the rooms, and I mean trashing.

The list, she goes on. That’s even before you get into the world of five-star accommodations and the snobbery of some people who frequent them.

Here’s your next fix of tea, because ex and current employees of five-star hotels are taking to Reddit to share their stories of what goes on when management is away, and they’re a lot.

#1 It’s all about perception

Proving that anyone who claims to be able to taste the quality of something is a liar, here’s a grand tale of faking it until you make it.


#2 Bedbugs are everywhere

No amount of money can save you from bedbugs, a fact that has literally made my skin start crawling.

#3 Money doesn’t buy you class

Trust Beverly Hills to come through the piping hot tea. These tales are so delicious I’m full up.

#4 But it can buy you pretty much anything else

Honestly, who cares about class when the whole world and everything in it is at your heavily-bejewelled fingertips.

#5 Especially drugs

#6 And living like a rockstar

Imagine having the energy to cause this much damage, let alone being able to pay for it afterwards?

#7 But the tips almost make it worth it

Look, if you’re going to deal with terrible customers, it at least pays to be in a hotel where the tips are enormous.

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#8 Never touch the chocolate fountain

Save your Augustus Gloop moment, turns out these delicious treats are actually foul.

#9 Or the glasses in your room

Ok, this one has disturbed me deeply. Even five-star hotels don’t clean simple things like the glasses in your room properly.


#10 The staff are the real stars

And finally, an example of the staff going above and beyond:

(Lead image: Pexels / cottonbro)

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