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Forget The Aussie House Market, Buy An Entire Scottish Village Instead

Forget The Aussie House Market, Buy An Entire Scottish Village Instead

There’s a lot to love about Scotland. The majestic landscape, the castles, the fact that Star Wars was filmed there. And Harry Potter. And Outlander. We could go on. If, like us, you’re currently thinking about how much you’d love to live in rugged Scotland, here’s some news to get you really excited: You can actually buy an entire Scottish town.

While they’re not giving it away for free (ahem, Italy), a cluster of four cottages and a house on the Outer Hebrides’ Isle of Skye is up for sale. The listing price is about AU$2 million, which is hardly enough to afford a house in Sydney, let alone an entire town.

scotland 5

Not convinced yet?

Well, how about this. The village overlooks Loch Scavaig and the famous Black Cuillin mountains, offering one of the most outstanding views you’ll probably ever witness. Imagine waking up to this each morning:

scotland 4

It really could all be yours. While there were no suggestions as to what you would do day to day in your very small village, we think each cottage could be rented out as quirky Airbnb properties – and they’re in vogue at the moment, that’s for sure. You could even rent the space out to film studios, or simply keep it all to yourself – because why not?

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It’ll get cold, that’s for sure, but all you need to do is head over to your quaint Italian village before winter hits and you’ll be fine.

(All images: Strutt & Parker)

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